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Jack the kiwi cat

His three-legged journey

Jack the kiwi cat

Day 4 post surgery

July 9th, 2016 · 7 Comments · Uncategorized

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IMG_20160709_195052887 IMG_20160709_195108598

I’ve come to look after Jack while Mum is out for the evening. Armed with sardines in spring water, I got Jack to take his meds and eat a bit (his appetite has been poor.)

He let me feel around his scar and there is a bit of swelling but it is clearly not sore. He was purring loudly. As this is winter it is amazing to feel the difference in the heat between his shaved skin and his fur…

He’s back under Mum’s bed which is a favourite hiding spot 😉

I think he’s getting better…fueled on sardine water



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7 Comments so far ↓

  • otisandtess

    Sardine water sounds perfect. And he looks great – alert, bright eyes!

  • quirkyfriend

    Just consumed half the tin of sardines for supper.
    I think the hiding is him reverting to his initial anxious behaviour rather than undue pain. We’ve split the meloxicam into 4 smaller doses rather than expecting it to hold over 12 hours between doses. It’s an NSAID rather than an opiate, so he’s not struggling with the tiredness associated with opiates.

  • linda8115

    He looks really good! So happy he ate for you! Sounds like splitting the meloxicam into 4 doses was a great idea and is working well at keeping him comfortable. Thanks for sharing handsome Jack pictures with us. Love seeing him doing well!

  • benny55

    Jack, you are just so daen cute!

    It’s srill very, very early in recovery, so the fact that he’s eating anything ks really good!

    Did the vet give hi any other pain med? I know many kitties come home with one…I think it starts with a “b”. I know,that’s not much help! It is MAJOR surgery. Cats and dogs are very stoic when it comes to hiding their pain. The hiding coukd also be a sign that he’s still hurting a bit…or not!

    Jack, I’ve said it before, you are one lucky kitty to have this wonderful furever home! Your humans clearly adore you, and you clearly adore them!



    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

    • quirkyfriend

      We have very tight legal control of opiate meds here, so at a guess it is a second line option for the vets to use only if the NSAID isn’t holding the pain.
      Jack gets “round eyes” when he is sore. It’s funny they look like he’s using an exclamation mark with his gaze.
      Last nigh before i gave him supper I was lying on the floor talking to him under Mum’s bed telling him he was a silly kitty being there when “the dragon” (the heat pump) had his bed in front of it. He kept doing the love blink as if to say “silly human”.

  • justdebbie9

    What a beauty!

  • hester

    Really good news. He sure looks good in those photos!! Good thoughts for continued improvement and coming out from hiding more often!

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