Jack in the spring sunshine


Jack is doing well. He has access to the outside during the day but prefers to go outside with human company, so the gardening and hanging out the washing is usually cat escorted.

As you can see the fluff is almost grown back.

We are having to work a bit on his waistline at the moment, he’s a little bit heavy. It is common for cats to get a bit of winter weight, then get thinner in summer here but he’s on short rations to ensure this!


Jack on the cat chair


Tonight he had a few visitors and he was most comfortable on the seat which allowed him to sit quietly and watch

He’s doing lots of purring. He’s also adjusting to outside walks on his lead. Only plays dead cat temporarily when the harness goes on.

He bought Jenny a well chewed cat toy as a good morning present this morning…so he’s back to naughtiness at usual Jack levels


It turns out his diagnosis is rare.

It is a form of neoplasm but is probably not a cancer. Their best guess is it was originally an infection that the bacteria was secreting an anti platelet factor, and when he cleared the infection the body over-responded and created a vascular bundle.

The pathologist confirmed that with the damage to the muscle, cartilage and bone around the forepaw the correct treatment was amputation as he would have been lame with a simple resection.

Still making good progress – Day 14


I’ve been away up North so hadn’t seen Jack for a few days. He had his stitches out, but needed a couple reinserted because the scar over the stump is a bit fragile.

He continues to surprise us with his resilience and skills. His play is very funny as he works out how to do one paw gymnastics. His new toy is a hanging mouse and it is getting a good battering.